Heat Recovery Units

Decentralized Heat Recovery.
Wireless Connectivity.
With App control.
Easy to install and extend the system.
Up to 15 units in one system.
Low energy consumption.
3W and in stand by 1W.
Cold climate.
Safe operations down to -20°C Heat recovery up to 85%.
Flexible installation.
Suited for 185-310mm walls.

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  • Flow FDX

    701,80  inc. IVA (VAT)
  • Fresh Connect control panel -paxspain

    Fresh Connect control panel

    209,33  inc. IVA (VAT)
  • Pax Eos accessory package-paxspain

    Pax Eos accessory package

    199,65  inc. IVA (VAT)
  • CO2 sensor -incl- temperature-humidity sensor -paxspain

    Sensor CO2 (incl. temperature/ humidity sensor)

    211,75  inc. IVA (VAT)
  • Sensor temperature-humidity indoors-paxspain

    Sensor temperature/ humidity indoors

    84,70  inc. IVA (VAT)
  • Sensor temperature/ humidity outdoors

    102,85  inc. IVA (VAT)