Ventilation unit with heat recovery.

Equipped with preheater, humidity sensor and remote control. For fixed installation.

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  • Sale! PAX Eos 100H-paxspain

    Pax Eos 100H

    Original price was: 934,12 €.Current price is: 794,00 €.
  • Sale! Pax Eos accessory package-paxspain

    Pax Eos accessory package

    Original price was: 199,65 €.Current price is: 169,70 €.
  • Sale! Supply:Exhaust valve TFP100-paxspain

    Supply/Exhaust valve TFP100

    Original price was: 18,15 €.Current price is: 15,43 €.
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    Supply/Exhaust valve TFP125

    Original price was: 21,78 €.Current price is: 18,51 €.